Index Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) Project

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Cornell University, the BASIS I4 Index Insurance Innovation Initiative housed at the University of California, Davis and Syracuse University, in collaboration with a host of implementing partners, have spent the last several years designing, promoting, and evaluating the impact of a market-mediated index-based livestock insurance (IBLI) product, intended to protect pastoralists from drought-related livestock mortality, in Marsabit district of Northern Kenya and Borena Zone of Southern Ethiopia.

More information about the product, project, partners, and donors can be found on the IBLI website.

To monitor and evaluate the uptake and impact of the IBLI product and a range of encouragement tactics, research collaborators designed a multi-year impact evaluation strategy relying on household survey data collected before and during the introduction of IBLI.

Related Papers

A full list of publications using this data can be found here.

All of the currently available data, questionnaires, and codebooks can be downloaded from the IBLI website directly. The Marsabit (northern Kenya) data is accessible here and the Borena (southern Ethiopia) data is accessible here. Please contact the IBLI team with any questions about the project and data.