"A number of factors set the STAARS program apart from some others that I have been involved in. As a STAARS fellow, I was paired up with mentors that have an in depth knowledge of my research area. This was evident in the quality of my mentors' contributions to my research work. The study visit to Cornell was gave me the opportunity to present my early research ideas to a group of genuinely-interested researchers who were happy to provide constructive feedback that significantly strengthened the paper. The program was intense but worth it as I have come away not only with a high-quality research paper, but also with a wealth of knowledge in empirical methodology, data coding and general research best-practices. These are skills that will contribute to a successful research career long after the STAARS program is over” - Dr. Nkechi Owoo

STAARS and STAAARS+ Fellows are paired with faculty and research staff affiliated with Cornell University, with whom they jointly author a paper on a topic of mutual interest relating to structural transformation in sub-Saharan Africa. STAARS and STAAARS+ Fellows’ research uses high-quality panel datasets, such as the World Bank LSMS-ISA data. In addition to producing high-quality publishable research, the STAARS and STAAARS+ fellowships include writing, data management, and communication capacity building designed explicitly to develop and expand the professional reach of talented early-career African scholars. STAARS and STAAARS+ fellowships are sponsored by the African Development Bank and the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions and Markets (PIM). The STAAARS+ Program is part of the Michigan State University Innovation Lab for Food Security Research, Policy, Capacity and Influence.

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2020 STAARS and STAAARS+ Fellows

Marcel A. Vitouley
Research Assistant,
Institute for Empirical Research in Political Economy, Abomey-Calavi Benin

2019 STAARS Fellows

2018 STAARS Fellows

2017 STAARS Fellows

Dr. Adamon Mukasa
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Associate Professor
Université Catholique de Bukavu

2016 STAARS Fellows

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