Dr. Larissa Nawo

Education Ph.D. in Economics , University of Dschang (December 2018)
STAARS Research Poverty dynamics and resilience in fragile and conflict affected states: Empirical evidence from Cameroon
Contact nawo.larissa@gmail.com

Larissa is a Researcher at the University of Dschang and has just completed a Ph.D. in Applied Economy Policy and Analysis. Her PhD dissertation concerns three essays on the political economic of African Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs). She examined SWFs emergence and proliferation in a context of extreme poverty , boom of population growth rate, urgent development needs with specific focus : on SWFs as tools for political survival , SWFs as tool of institutional reform for a better governance and management of resource revenues and SWFs as a tool to address infrastructure finance gap in fragile and conflicts affected States through co-investments between Multi-Development Banks (MDB), foreign most performant SWFs and African SWFs host countries. These type of Co-investments can help to mitigate political risks in fragile contexts and help reconstruction and peacebuilding process in post-conflicts regions.

Her scholarly interest’s lies at the intersection of: Applied macro-economy, development economics, Applied Econometric, Survival Models, Economy of Fragile and Conflicts Affected States. Recently, she is also interested in researching on poverty dynamics , Gender Studies, Climate Adaptation Studies, Impact Evaluation methods, Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) modelling and micro- applied economy. She has been involved in research collaborations with the World Bank, UNU-WIDER and currently with Cornell University under STAARS program.

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