Tesfahun Asmamaw Kasie

Education Ph.D. in Local Development and International Cooperation, Jaume I University, Spain
STAAARS+ Research Impact of Weather Shocks on Consumption in Rural Ethiopia: Does Household Resilience Capacity Matter?
Contact tes2121@yahoo.com

Tesfahun A. Kasie is an assistant professor in the Institute of Disaster Risk Management & Food Security Studies at Bahir Dar University (Ethiopia). His main research interests include disaster risk, livelihood resilience and food security. He received his doctoral degree in Local Development & International Cooperation from Jaume I University (Spain) in 2017. His Ph.D. thesis examined resilience properties of rural livelihoods constructed in the risky environments of Ethiopia. In his thesis he makes use of interdisciplinary perspectives involving Modern Portfolio Theory, Household Economy and Social-ecological systems Approaches to explain resilience properties of household livelihood systems with food security as the primary wellbeing outcomes of concern. Following his Ph.D. study he continued investigating the same research agenda on risk and resilience as applied to social systems covering wider range of wellbeing outcomes including health and nutrition security.

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