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  • Diversify more or less? Household resilience and food security in rural Nigeria. Fidele Dedehouanou, John McPeak. [Published Version] The Journal of Development Studies
  • Climate-smart Innovations and Rural Poverty in Ethiopia: Exploring Impacts and Pathways Wondimagegn Mesfin Tesfaye, Garrick Blalock, Nyasha Tirivayi. February 27, 2019. [Published Paper | Working Paper]
  • Correlated non-classical measurement errors, ‘Second best’ policy inference, and the inverse size-productivity relationship in agriculture. Kibrom A. Abay, Gashaw T. Abate. Christopher B.Barrett, Tanguy Bernard. [Published Version] Journal of Development Economics


  • Spillovers From Off-Farm Self-Employment Opportunities in Rural Niger. Sènakpon Fidèle Ange Dedehouanou, Abdelkrim Araar, Aichatou Ousseini, Abdoulaziz Laouali Harouna, Maimounata Jabir. [Published Version] World Development
  • Rainfall shocks and agricultural productivity: Implication for rural household consumption. Mulubrhan Amare, Jennifer Denno Cissé, Nathaniel D. Jensen, Bekele Shiferaw. [Published Version] Agricultural Systems
  • Selling Crops Early to Pay for School: A Large-scale Natural Experiment in Malawi. Brian Dillon. [Working Paper]
  • Growing and Learning When Consumption Is Seasonal: Long-Term Evidence From Tanzania. Paul Christian, Brian Dillon. [Published Version | Working Paper]Demography
  • Do Safety Net Transfers Improve Diets and Reduce Undernutrition? Evidence from Rural Ethiopia. Tagel Gebrehiwot, Carolina Castilla. [Published Version] The Journal of Development Studies
  • Food Insecurity and Family Structure in Nigeria. Nkechi S. Owoo. [Published Version] SSM - Population Health
  • Estimating development resilience: A conditional moments-based approach. Jennifer Denno Cissé, Christopher Barrett. [Published Version] The Journal of Development Economics
  • Socio-economic Impact of Climate Change on Crop Yield, Yield Variability, and Farm Profits in Malawi. Chiyembekezo Chafuwa, Joanna Upton, Erwin Knippenberg.
  • Use of Improved Maize Seed and Chemical fertilisers as climate adaptability strategies: evidence from Smallholder Maize Farmers in Malawi. Ruth Magreta.
  • Factor Misallocation, Market Distortions and Agricultural Productivity: The Case of Smallholder Farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. Adamon Mukasa, Christopher B. Barrett, Linden McBride.
  • Effects of Health Insurance on Agricultural Labor Supply, Productivity and Investments. Andinet Woldemichael, Christopher Boone.


  • Locus of Control and Technology Adoption in Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia. Kibrom A. Abay, Garrick Blalock, Guush Berhane. [Published Version] Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
  • Empirical Assessment of Subjective and Objective Soil Fertility Metrics in East Africa: Implications for Researchers and Policy Makers. Julia Berazneva, Linden McBride, Megan Sheahan, David Güereña. [Published Version] World Development
  • Is Farmer-to-Farmer Extension Effective? The Impact of Training on Technology Adoption and Rice Farming Productivity in Tanzania. Yuko Nakano, Takuji W. Tsusaka, Takeshi Aida, Valerien O. Pede. [Published Version] World Development
  • Technology Adoption and Risk Exposure Among Smallholder Farmers: Panel Data Evidence from Tanzania and Uganda.Adamon N. Mukasa. [Published Version] World Development
  • Intensification and Intrahousehold Decisions: Fertilizer Adoption in Burkina Faso. Hamza Haider, Melinda Smale, Veronique Theriault. [Published Version]
  • Nonfarm employment, agricultural intensification, and productivity change: empirical findings from Uganda. Mulubrhan Amare, Bekele Shiferaw. [Published Version] The Journal of the International Association of Agriculutral Economists
  • Human health and pesticide use in Sub‐Saharan Africa. Megan Sheahan, Christopher Barrett and Casey Goldvale. [Policy Brief | Published Version] The Journal of the International Association of Agriculutral Economists
  • Breaking Ground: Unearthing the Potential of High-resolution, Remote-sensing Soil Data in Understanding Agricultural Profits and Technology Use in Sub-Saharan Africa. Anil K. Bhargava, Tor Vagen, Anja Gassner. [Published Version] World Development
  • Gendered Social Networks, Agricultural Innovations, and Farm Productivity in Ethiopia. Daniel Ayalew Mekonnen, Nicolas Gerber, Julia Anna Matz. [Published Version] World Development
  • The Adoption and Dis-adoption of improved maize varieties in Tanzania. Bethuel Kinyanjui Kinuthia, Edward Mabaya. [Abstract]
  • Diet transformation in Africa: the case of Ethiopia. Ibrahim Hassen Worku, Mekdim Dereje, Bart Minten, Kalle Hirvonen. [Published Version] The Journal of the International Association of Agriculutral Economists
  • Patterns of Labor Productivity and Income Diversification – Empirical Evidence from Uganda and Nigeria. Abdoulaye I. Djido, Bekele A. Shiferaw. [Published Version] World Development
  • Small Firms, Structural Change and Labor Productivity Growth in Africa: Evidence from Tanzania. Xinshen Diao, Josaphat Kweka, Margaret McMillan. [Published Version] World Development
  • Cities and Agricultural Transformation in Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia. Joachim Vandercasteelen, Seneshaw Tamru Beyene, Bart Minten, Johan Swinnen. [Published Version] World Development
  • Designing and evaluating sustainable development pathways for semi‐subsistence crop–livestock systems: lessons from Kenya. Roberto O. Valdivia, John M. Antle, Jetse J. Stoorvogel. [Published Version] The Journal of the International Association of Agriculutral Economists
  • Finding default? Understanding the drivers of default on contracts with farmers’ organizations under the World Food Programme Purchase for progress pilot. Joanna Upton, Erin Lentz. [Published Version] The Journal of the International Association of Agriculutral Economists
  • Agricultural Transformation in Africa? Assessing the Evidence in Ethiopia. Fantu N. Bachewe, Guush Berhane, Bart Minten, Alemayehu S. Taffesse. [Published Version] World Development
  • Spatial urban development and the structural transformation of African agriculture. Didier Alia, Christopher Boone. [Abstract]