Linden McBride

Degree Ph.D, Applied Economics and Management
Areas of Interest Development Economics, Applied Econometrics
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Linden is a PhD candidate in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. Her research interests include applied econometrics, agricultural development, poverty assessment, and food security. Prior to beginning her graduate studies at Cornell, Linden worked as a Senior Research Assistant at the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington, DC and served as a small enterprise development Peace Corps volunteer in Burkina Faso.

Journal Articles

Barrett, C. B., T. Garg, & L. McBride (2016). Well-being dynamics and poverty traps. Annual Review of Resource Economics, 8: 303-327.

McBride, L. & A. Nichols (2016). Re-tooling poverty targeting using out-of- sample validation and machine learning. World Bank Economic Review, lhw056.

McBride, L. (2015). A comment on “The welfare impacts of commodity price volatility: Evidence from rural Ethiopia.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 98(2): 670-675.

Nin-Pratt, A. & L. McBride (2014). Agricultural intensification in Ghana: Evaluating the optimist’s case for a Green Revolution. Food Policy, 48, 153-167.

Book Chapters

Benin, S., L. McBride, & T. Mogues (2016). Why do African countries underinvest in gricultural R&D? In Agricultural research in Africa: Investing in future harvests, Eds. J. Lynam, N. Beintema, J. Roseboom, & O. Badiane. Washington, DC: International Food Policy Research Institute.

Berhane, G., L. McBride, K.T. Hirfrot, & S. Tamiru (2012). Patterns in foodgrain consumption and calorie intake. In Food and Agriculture in Ethiopia: Progress and Policy Challenges. Eds. P. Dorosh and S. Rashid. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press.

McBride, L. (2015). Evaluation of targeting methods and impact of the cash transfer pilot in Niger. In Safety nets in Africa: Effective mechanisms to reach the poor and most vulnerable, Eds. C. del Ninno and B. Mills. Washington, DC: World Bank.

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Linden McBride