Working Papers

Find below copies of papers not yet accepted for publication and reports not to be published in journals. Critical comments on these are greatly appreciated.

Published papers are available here, and a list also can be found in my curriculum vita. Anyone desiring reprints of published papers can email me.

  1. Megan Sheahan, Yanyan Liu, Sudha Narayanan, Christopher B. Barrett, "Disaggregated labor supply implications of guaranteed employment in India," September 2020 draft.
  2. Christopher B. Barrett, Asad Islam, Abdul Malek, Debayan Pakrashi, Ummul Ruthbah, "Experimental Evidence on Adoption and Impact of the System of Rice Intensification," July 2020 draft.
  3. Christopher B. Barrett , Kate Ghezzi-Kopel, John Hoddinott, Nima Homami, Elizabeth Tennant, Joanna Upton, and Tong Wu, "A Scoping Review of the Development Resilience Literature: Theory, Methods and Evidence," June 2020
  4. Marc Rockmore, Christopher B. Barrett, and Jeannie Annan, "The Implications of Aggregate Measures of Exposure to Violence for the Estimated Impacts on Individual Risk Preferences," June 2020 revision.
  5. Christopher B. Barrett, Thomas Reardon, Johan Swinnen and David Zilberman, "Agri-food Value Chain Revolutions in Low-and Middle-Income Countries," June 2020 Revision
  6. Joanna Upton, Susana Constenla-Villoslada and Christopher B. Barrett, "A comparative assessment of resilience measurement approaches," May 2020
  7. Vesall Nourani, Christopher B. Barrett, Eleonora Patacchini, Thomas Walker, "Altruism, Insurance, And Costly Solidarity Commitments," May 2020
  8. Paul Christian, Christoper B. Barrett, "Spurious Regressions and Panel IV Estimation: Revisiting the Causes of Conflict," December 2019 draft.
  9. Erin C. Lentz, Stephanie Mercier, Christopher B. Barrett, "International Food Aid and Food Assistance Programs and the Next Farm Bill," October 2017 revision.
  10. Paul Christian and Christopher B. Barrett, "Revisiting the Effect of Food Aid on Conflict: A Methodological Caution," World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 8171, August 2017 revision.
  11. Christopher J. Mills, Nathaniel D. Jensen, Christopher B. Barrett, and Andrew G. Mude, "ILRI Research Report 39, Characterization for index based livestock insurance," added May 2016.
  12. Megan Sheahan and Christopher B. Barrett, "Understanding the agricultural input landscape in sub-Saharan Africa: Recent plot, household, and community-level evidence," World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 7014, August 2014.
  13. Christopher B. Barrett and Derek Headey, "Measuring resilience in a volatile world: A proposal for a multicountry system of sentinel sites," May 2014, 2020 Resilience Conference Paper 1 - Building Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (View on IFPRI website)
  14. Chayanee Chawanote and Christopher B. Barrett, "Farm and Non-farm Occupational and Earnings Dynamics in Rural Thailand," February 2014 revision.
  15. Erin C. Lentz, Christopher B. Barrett and Miguel I. Gómez, "The Impacts of Local and Regional Procurement of US Food Aid: Learning Alliance Synthesis Report," Final Report: A Multidimensional Analysis of Local and Regional Procurement of US Food Aid, January 2012.
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  26. Christopher B. Barrett et al. "Human Considerations in Determining Conservation Priorities" Letter to the Editor, Science
    April 2008 final draft.
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  29. Solomon Ngoze, Susan Riha, David Mbugua, Keith Shepherd, Louis Verchot, Christopher Barrett, Johannes Lehmann, Justine Wangila and Alice Pell, "The impacts of household land use and socio economic factors on the soil fertility of smallholder farms in the highlands of Kenya" working draft October 2007.
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