Research Group

Meet the members of my research group, including current graduate student advisees, undergraduate research assitants, other students on whose thesis committees I serve or with whom I work, post docs, former students, and staff. View background information on each of the graduate students and post-docs with whom I currently work, including his or her current projects and papers. Note that almost all of my advisees, and most of the other students on whose committees I serve, conduct original field research.

For the perspective of an undergraduate working in our group, see this story on Casey Goldvale ’15.
For the perspective of a Ph.D. student working in our group, see this Nature piece on Andrew Simons *16.

Read a blog developed by graduate students and staff in my research group: Economics That Really Matters

Current Graduate Student Advisees

Other students with whom I work

Jiali Liu
Undergraduate, Economics and Statistical Science
Tong Wu
M.S., Applied Economics and Management


Visitors and Adjuncts

Yanyan Liu
Adjunct Assistant Professor and Research Fellow (IFPRI)

Former Students and Post-Docs