Research Group

Meet the members of my research group, including current graduate student advisees, undergraduate research assitants, other students on whose thesis committees I serve or with whom I work, post docs, former students, and staff. View background information on each of the graduate students and post-docs with whom I currently work, including his or her current projects and papers. Note that almost all of my advisees, and most of the other students on whose committees I serve, conduct original field research.

For the perspective of an undergraduate working in our group, see this story on Casey Goldvale ’15.
For the perspective of a Ph.D. student working in our group, see this Nature piece on Andrew Simons *16.

Read a blog developed by graduate students and staff in my research group: Economics That Really Matters

Current Graduate Student Advisees

Other students with whom I work

Tong Wu
M.S., Applied Economics and Management


Visitors and Adjuncts

Yanyan Liu
Adjunct Assistant Professor and Research Fellow (IFPRI)

Former Students and Post-Docs